Some rather different portrait photography!

We’re absolutely delighted to introduce our portrait photographer for this year – the inventive, intriguing and downright marvellous Bottlejack & Hastener.

Mr & Mrs DCBMC have previously been immortalised in this vintage style, complete with exacting instructions – “Put your hand on your wife’s shoulder. No, not like that, that’s far too familiar! Don’t look like you’re enjoying yourselves…”

In their own words…

Bottlejack & Hastener are Engineers of Modern Wonders and Delightful Distractions.

They design, build and present a wide range of vintage interactive experiences at festivals, fairs, nightclubs, burlesque and cabaret events.

At DCBMC 2017 they will be on hand with their exclusive photographic studio to capture your follicly fantastical facial furniture, for all posterity. Photographs will be made available during the event as beautiful sepia-tone vignettes for your online viewing pleasure.