Judge: Yvan Williams

The man behind the original Devon beardy socials, Beard & Tonic, Yvan’s hosting our Friday night pre-party at his pub The Oddfellows in Exeter. Beer and beards – what more could you want?! In his own words…

Owner of The Oddfellows in Exeter and Exmouth.

A slight novice to the beard competition scene but has supported the beards of Exeter for the last 4+ years, (Beard & Tonic) and is privileged to be on board this year.

Creator of Beard & Tonic in Exeter, due to lack of Beard Technicians at that time. With the development of the barber scene in Exeter, which has grown massively in the last couple of years, he’s moved his Beard & Tonic pop up barber evenings to The Oddfellows – Exmouth to bring a little bit of hairiness to the coast!

Yvan can’t shave his beard of until his youngest daughter is at least 8 as she wouldn’t recognise him without a beard and would probably cry.

Judge: James Hayball

We’re delighted to introduce another first-time judge at this year’s DCBMC – more likely to be fondled than be a fondler, it’s BILF’s very own James Hayball! In his own words…

My name is James Hayball and I am relatively new to the beard community.

I was first introduced through my lovely girlfriend Victoria Scarfield who runs the apparel company ‘BILF’.

I started attending beard conventions to help her, the first being the beard and moustache championship 2016 in Liverpool which was definitely an eye opener, and it went from there!

Eat The Smoke

Sponsor: Eat The Smoke

Mr & Mrs DCBMC met the man behind Eat The Smoke, Christian Sculpher, at a Beard & Tonic event in Exeter a couple of years ago. Back then he had a baby beard and the business was in its infancy – now both have grown considerably! In his own words…

Eat the Smoke produces award winning smokehouse influenced BBQ rubs and sauces – from the Deep South of Devon we’re now being sold across the UK.

For us, being outside, playing outside and eating outside have always been both an important and fundamental part of our life. Whether it’s a BBQ on the beach after surfing, travelling and ending each day with new friends stood around the grill or firing up the ‘cue at home in the garden with our girls, it’s always been there, and helped us to de-compress and reground from ‘real’ life.

In 2014 we decided it was time to give up ‘real’ life and to have a go at making our passion our living. We started doing street food events and soon found our regular customers were turning up, not just to eat our food, but also to steal our rubs and sauces to make our food at home – hence our range of smokehouse inspired products was born!

We use the finest ingredients, keeping it natural with no nasties added, to produce products with amazing depths and flavours. Some of us in the UK are now discovering the joys of cooking over coals in all weather, be it sunshine, drizzle, or force 8 gales – but we know that’s not for everyone. That’s why all our products are designed to be used in the oven, under the grill or over coals. It’s all about bringing a little of the outside in!

Eat The Smoke are sponsoring a new award at this year’s DCBMC – Best in Show. The winner will chosen by our expert panel, from all the category winners.

There’s something pretty awesome for the lucky winner, but we’re going to make you wait a little longer until we unveil it. Keep an eye on Facebook for photos soon.

And if the sound of smokehouse influenced BBQ rubs and sauces makes you want to reach for the charcoal, check out the Eat The Smoke stand at DCBMC and stock up your kitchen!

Can’t make it? Donate!

With just 10 days ’til DCBMC, we know some of you would love to come but simply can’t (sob, sniffle…).

If you’d still like to support our very worthy causes, the Devon Air Ambulance and Cornwall Air Ambulance Trusts, you can donate here.

Thank you.

Lions Barber Collective

The Lions Barber Collective

We are very pleased to once again support The Lions Barber Collective, and in turn have them supporting DCBMC. Through their Fit for Vikings ‘Lion’ grooming products, they are sponsoring our new secret category (ooh!), and Chair of the Board of Trustees Kris Paver is one of our judges. Visit the Lions stand on the day to find out about their amazing work, and read a little about them right now…

The Lions Barber Collective was founded by Torquay-based hair-stylist and barber, Tom Chapman, following personal experience of knowing a young man who had taken his own life.

With suicide amongst men, especially young ones, on the rise, it aims to provide information and training about mental health and create space for men to be able to discuss mental health concerns in an informal, supportive environment.

Monthly Lions Walks, which take place on the first Sunday of the month and Lions Dens, which are held in barbershops and salons on the last Friday of the month, are the principal activities promoted by the Collective. It also provides training to barbers in how to recognise signs of suicidal thoughts, depression, self-harm or mental health issues, as well as giving presentations to schools and other organisations.

What started as a local initiative is now a global movement, with supporters in many countries.


I’m Kris Paver, a Devonian born and bred! I have been a committed beard-wearer for over 25 years.

For most of those years the beard has been kept short and trim due to my professional life, but over the last few years I have let it grow!

It was while keeping the beard in good shape that I got to know the indefatigable Tom Chapman, the power behind the Lions Barber Collective, of which I am the Chair of the Board of Trustees. I am also proud to be the Principal Ambassador for Fit for Vikings beard products, a member of the South West Beard Club and a Bearded Villain.


Sponsor: Lawlessmen

Our Partial Beard sponsor is one of the newer companies on the male grooming block, based on the Devon/Cornwall border. In their own words…

Lawlessmen is a testosterone infused man brand, founded in 2016, owned and run by actor Kevin James Horsham.

Lawlessmen are a new company and have opened with a range of male grooming products including their Lime and Cedarwood Beard Oil and Moustache Wax.

Male grooming products are just the start of this new man brand, as the grooming product range grows, later in 2017 Lawlessmen will be adding to the apparel line they already have, and in addition to the tshirts, hoodies and baseball caps for the casual look, they are going to be launching a Cool/Formal range. Double cuff shirts, waistcoats, matching jacket/waistcoat combos, trousers, and those finishing touches, ties, cufflinks and belts and braces.

In addition to all of this, Lawlessmen also create bespoke barber shop furniture and curios. Dependent on the look the cutters are seeking, they can assist with design, construction and decoration advice, just give them a call.

07581 369689

From Urban/Industrial to Plush/Chic they have the solutions.

Kay Wallage

Judge: Kay Wallage

A star of the beardy scene, Kay is warm, funny, and NSFW. If you’re looking for her, hold a pint of cider in the air and she’ll find you! In her own words:

Hello fellow pogonophiles! Most of you will already know me, but in case not I`m Kay Wallage a.k.a. Mrs Chops.

I’ve had the pleasure to be around some of the best beards in the world. I’ve been to two world championship events and will shortly be heading of to my third world championship competition in Austin, Texas.

I know a good beard when I see one and I certainly know the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining an award winning beard… as I can never get near the bloody mirror.

I’ve competed a couple of times in the Whiskerina category, it’s not really for me because I`m the shy retiring sort, as many of you will no doubt have noticed…

It’s an honour to be asked to judge, and I wish each and every one of you good luck.

Judge: Sooze Higgins

One of the lovely ladies behind the brilliant Oxford Beard Festival, Sooze has been a fan of competitive bearding since watching Whisker Wars in 2012. In her own words:

Sooze is a lover of the facial ornamentation and can often be seen wearing a big 70’s style ‘tash.

She can be seen at some of the many competitions held around the UK, and is very proud to have won first prize in the handmade category at The 2016 Be Beard event in Walsall and also at the Wessex Beard & Moustache Championships 2017.

Sooze has other proud moments in her life, apart from her crazy kids; she also organises the Oxford beard Festival with her daughter Faithy! She is super excited to have been asked to be a judge at DCBMC.

We’re super excited to have you, Sooze!


Sponsor: BILF

If you’ve been around the beardy scene for any length of time, you’ll have come across the BILF crew – an awesome group of funny, generous and super-lovely people who make awesome tshirts (and cake!) and support great causes. In their own words…

Brighton based. International beard appreciators.

We are beard fondling professionals and sell beard related apparel.

WE SELL T-SHIRTS, go to www.BILF.bigcartel.com


Dr Alun Withey

Judge: Dr Alun Withey

Mrs DCBMC has been trying to get Dr Alun to DCBMC for the past two years, but it always clashes with his family holidays – until now!

An award-winning academic historian, with research subjects including shaving and masculinity in the 18th century; he’s also a TV and radio presenter of programmes such as ‘The Barbershop in the Eighteenth Century’ and ‘Beards, Whiskers and the History of Pogonotomy’. In his own words…

Dr Alun Withey is a historian of health, medicine and the body in Britain, currently working on a major research project at the University of Exeter, titled ‘Do Beards Matter? Facial Hair, Health and Medicine in Britain, c. 1650-1900’. His previous work has included studies of the body and politeness in the eighteenth century, and a prize-winning book on the history of medicine in Wales.

Dr Withey is a regular contributor to television and radio, and has appeared (for 30 seconds) on BBC’s The One Show, and recently annoyed John Humphries on Radio 4’s Today programme.

As a beardless, clean-shaven man, he is the worst possible poster boy for his own project.

He annoyed John Humphries?! I like him even more now! -Mrs DCBMC