Sponsor: Mariner Jack

Our Full Beard Styled sponsors will need little introduction to most of you.

Well known in the beardy world for fantastic products that work well and smell great, the Captain and Mrs Jack – aka Dave and Nat Green – are also well known in the competitive bearding world as two of the nicest people you could meet.

Unfortunately, they’re unable to join us at the event this year. Ah well, we’ll have to get down to The Old Ale House in Truro and catch up with them, then…

If you’re new to Mariner Jack, here’s a bit about them:

Mariner Jack is quickly becoming one of the leading beard care brands in the UK and Europe. In a world where it seems every product comes in a cheap plastic bottle with gold calligraphy, we are bringing the artisan back to this sector of the male grooming industry.

Mariner Jack was born from the need for a superior beard care without the petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients often found in mass produced cosmetics. All of their products are hand made in small batches using the finest natural ingredients, sourced from around the World, expertly blended and hand bottled to achieve the finest results.

Big thanks to Stu and Jake!

So you might have heard some mutterings about our shiny new super-secret category… All will be revealed on Saturday – or on Friday night if anyone involved has one beer too many!

We wanted to give a shoutout to Stu Blam and Jake Rowlinson for giving their time and completely awesome artistic talents for the trophies for this one.

If you haven’t seen their work before, click their names and check out their stuff – they’re a bit bloody good!

Sponsor: Fine Fettle

Very pleased to announce our Freestyle sponsors this year are the fine chaps at Fine Fettle! In their own words…

Inspired by nature, we produce premium grooming products with substance using the finest naturally sourced ingredients.

Health and condition – this is at the heart of our philosophy when creating our hand-made products. We focus on what our body naturally produces and what it needs and then build our product’s functional properties upon this foundation.

We believe every man should be in the finest fettle.

Sponsor: Braw Beard Oils

Braw Beard Oils founder John started developing beard conditioning products inn 2011 while training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, part of his recovery from serious injury in a mountain bike crash.

With John’s background in sports, many of the Braw Beard Oils Ambassadors are sportspeople – from MMA fighters to motorbike racers. They also have rock star fans, like Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst!

In their own words…

Handmade in Scotland, Braw Beard Oils use the finest natural ingredients to maintain the health, length and strength of your facial hair. Take pride in it, it grows for a reason, Braw Beard Oils are for the wild man, the working man, the gentleman, whatever stage you may be at, from stubble to skiffin’ rubble.

Our aim is to provide high quality products for a fair price.

All of our beard oils are safety tested and certified, so you can be sure you are treating your facial hair to some mighty fine ingredients. We test on willing bearded humans, not animals.

We wanted to share this story because we worked hard to make Braw Beard Oils what it is, we started before the ‘beard trend’ and are in it for the love of beard.

Judges: Ian & Elaine Shere-Massey

This year we have new representatives for the Devon Air Ambulance, Ian & Elaine Shere-Massey. Here’s a little about them, written by Ian…

Having had to retire from employment many years ago through ill health, I wanted to do something positive with my life that would greatly benefit the lives of others. Every charity that I looked at were certainly all in need of help and support, but for me one stood out clearly from all others and that was, the Devon Air Ambulance! To be able to get the most seriously injured and sick people flown by air whilst receiving onboard treatment to the appropriate hospital seemed to be exactly what I wanted to volunteer to help raise money for.

Both me and my wife Elaine joined the trust as volunteers about eight years ago, myself as a volunteer speaker, and Elaine in a support role helping along the way, also as a volunteer. We have attended many events, and represented the trust by attending cheque presentations, and helping with many of the trusts events held to raise funds.

Judge: PJ, Cut The Punx

Local pop-up barber and all-round lovely human PJ is the third barber in our lineup for last-minute tidy-ups, and will also be judging. In his own words…

Cut The Punx (aka PJ Shepherd) is a pop-up barber, based in Exeter, but available for hire anywhere you like. Trained at the top class Gents of London Barber Academy, PJ has appeared at festivals, gigs, cinemas, fundraisers, fairs, coffee shops, tattoo conventions and galleries across the UK and mainland Europe.

When PJ is not taking selfies with dogs or practising his bass scales, you’ll find him taming the manes and beards of anyone willing to sit down and listen to him talk about why “As The Eternal Cowboy” is the greatest album ever made or how easy it is to make vegan nuggets. He is a lover of all the people and wants to hear your story.

PJ is looking forward to manning the barber station at the DCBMC, and despite the fact that his partner won’t allow him to have a full beard, he has somehow made it onto the judging panel too!

Facebook & Instagram: @cutthepunx

Photo credit: Tempo Media

Friday Night Pre-Party

As is traditional with beard and moustache competitions, there’s an official pre-party the night before the big day – because obviously we don’t have enough chance for drinking in just one day!

This year, our first time in Exeter, Yvan Williams of The Oddfellows has offered to host us and we couldn’t be more pleased. The Oddfellows Exeter is the original home of Beard & Tonic, scene of many a beardy (and beery!) night with the South West Beard Club crew, so Mr & Mrs DCBMC are very much looking forward to returning there.

It’s not just about the beer, they also do cocktails and have an impressive food menu, and Yvan’s promising some special things to really make the night go with a swing!

You’ll find The Oddfellows at 60 New North Road, Exeter (EX4 4EP for Google Maps). It’s just down the hill from John Lewis, on the opposite side of the road.

So we’ll see you there from about 8pm, yes? And then we can sort out a sweepstake on the number of hungover competitors on Saturday…

Judge: Liam Hamilton

We are delighted to announce that one of our judges this year is 2017 Cornish Barber of the Year, Liam Hamilton!

As well as judging, Liam will also be on our barber station – so if you decide to compete at the last minute, pop over and get a quick beard tidy up from one of the best in the business.

Earlier this year, he was hand-picked by the Great British Barbering Academy to lead bespoke barber training courses across Cornwall after performing an outstanding demonstration at Barber UK. GBBA Head Educator Mike Taylor, said: “I was blown away by the skills, knowledge, and confidence that Liam displayed. He is a testament to how far barbering has come in the modern era and I am very excited to welcome him into our team.”

Having become a barber at 19, Liam went on to serve in the Coldstream Guards – an infantry unit famous for being the oldest regiment in the British Army. “While undergoing multiple tours of Northern Ireland and Iraq, I always carried my barbering tools with me,” he said. “The brilliant thing about barbering is that it’s a skill/art that will always be needed, no matter where you are on the planet.”

After 21 years of service, he returned to the barbershop to hone his skills, become fully qualified, and build a name for himself in the barbering community: “It was always my plan to carry on barbering after serving in the Guards. I think it’s because I liked the idea of being my own boss,” he said. Liam now owns two very successful barber shops in Redruth.

With his military background, he has also founded the Armour to Barber initiative, which is helping ex-service personnel to retrain as barbers. “With Armour to Barber we hope to make the transition to civilian life a little easier for ex-service men and women; these incredible people are perfect candidates and will be great assets to the industry,” he explained.

And if that’s not all impressive enough, he’s also one of the nicest people you could meet! So come along and see him at DCBMC, or if you’re in Cornwall pop down to Redruth and get yourself some top-notch beard barbering at Hamilton’s Barber Shop.

Thanks to GBBA

The Beers! Part 1

Huge thanks to Dartmoor Brewery for donating a cask of their multi-award-winning Jail Ale and a cask of the beer Mr & Mrs DCBMC had for their wedding, Legend.

In their own words…

There are four traditional ingredients in our brewing – Dartmoor malt, English hops, our own strain of yeast, and pure Dartmoor water. Then we add great people and an awesome location, to create some real magic in our craft ales.

Dartmoor is our birthplace, our home, and the inspiration for our ales. All our beers are brewed in Princetown, at the heart of Dartmoor National Park in the South West of England, making us the highest brewery in England, at 1465ft above sea level. Breathtaking scenery, wide open spaces and crisp fresh air all around, creating a unique backdrop for the brewer’s art, and adding an undefinable depth, quality and character to every Dartmoor Brewery ale.

Visit Dartmoor for yourself if you can. Get out and experience it. Breathe the air, soak up the views, smell the essence of wild countryside, and feel the myths and legends. Find a glorious Dartmoor pub serving Dartmoor Brewery ales, and cherish the day.

Remember, every pint you drink adds to our charity pot for the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances – so get on it! It’s the best excuse you’re ever going to get…

Judge: Sadie Moisan

Ever had your fortune told by a beard? Then you haven’t met Sadie Moisan! Fear not, you can rectify that at DCBMC – she’s one of our judges! In her own words…

I met a friendly beard when I was studying at Cardiff Uni and that was it. I never could quite get away and I’m now Mrs Moisan. I’m sure you’ll all meet Pete somewhere around the bar or find yourself being hugged by him.

I love going to beardy meet ups and competitions as they are loads of fun and I’m always surprised at the styles and outfits people come up with. One of my favourite meet ups had a bearded dog enter and win. You never know quite what’s going to happen at these things.

I’ll be entering the handmade category. I’ve previously had a fortune telling beard (…’hairy excitement and intrigue follow you wherever you go’…) at Bath and DCBMC last year. Recently I helped my baby daughter make a food beard out of felt for the Yeovil Comp and I’m tempted to just feed her before the judging and let her go for a real food beard this time!