Sponsor: Bedfordshire Beard Co.

Bedfordshire Beard Co

Bedfordshire Beard Co. are providing prizes for the Moustache – Natural category. In their own words…

Offering the men of the world quality handmade grooming products. Balms, oil, waxes and shampoos all made of natural non-harmful ingredients.

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1st place: Triple-pack of moustache waxes, multipack of 10ml oils, handle wooden comb, hair comb, mango beard wash

2nd place: Triple-pack of moustache waxes, handle wooden comb, hair comb, beard balm multipack

3rd place: Triple-pack of moustache waxes, multipack of 10ml oils, handle wooden comb, hair comb

Judge: Spencer Fells

Spencer FellsThe founder and all-round top chap of The Bearded Brethren From Devon Facebook group. In his own words…

Age: 40

Beardy Bits: Had some sort of fuzz on my chin since it first sprouted many moons ago! Had a goatee for most of that time but got persuaded to ‘go for it’ and grow it properly by my wife. Probably coming on for 2 years into it now.

The Next Step: I started up the Facebook group ‘The Bearded Brethren From Devon’ just as a bit of fun really. But soon realised that there were many likeminded beards about. The group has grown to a healthy 650+ members.
Earlier this year i attended my first beard comp, hosted by the Wessex Beardsmen. It was a great day and an eye opener. I also got to meet many group members face to face, making many new friends on the way.

Non Beardy Bits: My likes include watching movies, reading (mostly comics, i refuse to grow up) and Metal music (listening and playing).

Anyway thanks for reading, come say ‘hello’ and see you at the DCBMC!

We have flyers!

And they look great! (even if we do say so ourselves…)

DCBMC 2015 flyers in box

Look out for them in pubs, barbers, tattoo studios, and anywhere else we can convince people to take them!

There’s a stack on the counter at Daniel Lewis Hair Salon in Plymouth, and they’ll be going up in the windows of Final Frontier comic shops in Plymouth, St Austell and Exeter soon!

Venue booked

We’ve gone with Plymouth for the first year, being as in-the-middle of Devon and Cornwall as you can get without getting your feet wet.

Considered loads of venues, but the winner on size, value, location and enthusiasm is The Duke of Cornwall Hotel. We’ve booked the Ballroom, so there’s plenty of space to get lots of lovely people together for a good laugh, a few drinks, and to celebrate some marvellous facial hair!

Illustration of The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

‘Built during the Golden Age of steam and steeped in history, the Duke of Cornwall was Plymouth’s first luxury hotel and still provides first class accommodation and service today.’

Posh, eh?!

It’s on Saturday 01 August – so bring your suncream, book a B&B, and we’ll see you there!

OK, we’re gonna do this!

In 2007 a man went to the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Brighton. He enjoyed it so much, he asked his wife if he could grow a handlebar moustache. Amazingly, she said yes!

In 2012 this man met another man, a barber with a love of facial hair. Encouraged by the barber, the first man competed in the British Beard & Moustache Championships in 2014.

The barber was so excited about the Championships that he told all his customers, and they agreed it was a brilliant thing to do. So the barber said to the first man “we should do a local Beard & Moustache Championships!”.

And as is usually the way, the first man’s wife began making arrangements…