What a fantastic day!

Hope you enjoyed the Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships as much as we did! All our hard work paid off – huzzah!

It was brilliant to see so many people there – thanks so much for coming, especially those that trekked across country/countries. (Still not convinced Phil Rigney actually swam over…)

There were steampunks, rockers and pirates; Cornishmen, Icelanders and Brummies; traders, photographers and farmers; military types, sea-going types and a faux Frenchman; turbans, trilbies and tshirts; barbers, badgers and bikers; waistcoats, braces and bowties; tattoos, tattoos and tattoos; knitted beards, eyeliner moustaches and fortune-telling; Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe, one-fifth of The Village People and, straight from a trip to the US of A, Mr John Bull.

Massive congratulations to all our winners – what a combination we had, some first-timers, some getting multiple trophies! If you can’t remember or haven’t seen who won what, they’re all listed here.

We have it on good authority (ie from his wife) that Peter Moisan said he would get a tattoo if he won a beard competition. So as he won two categories..? Happy to send you the DCBMC logo artwork, Pete!

Well done and thank you to all those who were selflessly drinking for charity – about half the real ale was sold, and very nice it was too. Thank you to Hunter’s Brewery for the charity ale bar, we hope to have you back for the next one.

Oh yes, the next one! Many people asked when the next one will be (some in quite insistent terms, Kay Wallage) – and to be honest, we don’t yet know. There will definitely be another DCBMC, but whether it’s 2016 or 2017 is still to be decided.

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments about the event – it was the first one we’d done, and we’re really happy with how it went. But we want the next one to be even better – so look out for a survey asking for your feedback.

So, where shall we see you next? Beard & Tonic? BeerdFest? The Oxford Beard Festival? Beard On? #somanyawesomeeventssolittlemoney

Thank you to Bert, Tina, Brendan and Colin for use of their photos. Click for bigger, captions and credits.

2015 post-event Plymouth Herald article