Venue booked

We’ve gone with Plymouth for the first year, being as in-the-middle of Devon and Cornwall as you can get without getting your feet wet.

Considered loads of venues, but the winner on size, value, location and enthusiasm is The Duke of Cornwall Hotel. We’ve booked the Ballroom, so there’s plenty of space to get lots of lovely people together for a good laugh, a few drinks, and to celebrate some marvellous facial hair!

Illustration of The Duke of Cornwall Hotel

‘Built during the Golden Age of steam and steeped in history, the Duke of Cornwall was Plymouth’s first luxury hotel and still provides first class accommodation and service today.’

Posh, eh?!

It’s on Saturday 01 August – so bring your suncream, book a B&B, and we’ll see you there!


  1. Are we going to have a meet up between now and 1st august?? It would be great to meet some of the other beardies….

    • Hi Matthew. Check out The Bearded Brethren From Devon on Facebook – they organise meet-ups every so often.

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