Here’s our best approximation of how the day will pan out.

12.00pm – Doors open, competitor registration starts
2.00pm – On-stage shenanigans start
2.15pm – Moustache Natural, Full Beard Natural under 8″, Full Beard Natural over 8″
3.00pm – Business Class, Partial Beard, Freestyle
4.00pm – Moustache Styled, Full Beard Styled under 8″, Full Beard Styled over 8″
5.00pm – Adult Handmade, Child Handmade
5.20pm – DCBMC Lite voting ends, raffle drawn
5.40pm – DCBMC Lite winners announced
6.00pm – Presentations and prizes – ooh!
7.30pm – Windjammer
8.30pm – Betty Boom Boom burlesque
8.50pm – Beard of Destiny
9.50pm – Betty Boom Boom burlesque
10.10pm – Ohio
11.40pm – Bedtime!

Note: approximation