Judge: Terry Short

Terry ShortEnthusiastic and entertaining, Terry has many intriguing interests. In his own words…

It all started out at puberty – these hairs grew out of my face and finally my long awaited dream had come true, I knew i was on a very special journey to growing some sort of (what i thought was epic) beard.

When I was 15/16, i had a goatee. A pink goatee. But it wouldn’t grow any longer than 2 to 3 inches. Since then I’ve had many styles of facial hair, from whalers to a dirty porno ‘tache. I currently wear a full beard, which has been growing for just over 7 months.

I attended the Wessex Beardsmen’s competition in Yeovil, only as a spectator mind, to see what all the fuss was about. I currently use Fit For Vikings ‘Hallormsstađaskógur’ oil, balm and moustache wax, and am now trying out their beard soap.

Music wise i was brought up on punk and ska, but I listen to a mixture of styles from dubstep to grindcore. And on the box it’s cartoons and kids cartoons. I’m hooked – the amount of adult humour and innuendo in them that you don’t realise as a kid, really gets me.

For those who don’t know, taxidermy is ‘the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect’. I have been practicing it as a hobby for about 4 years or so now, it’s one of my biggest loves. I was always amazed outstanded by the craftmanship behind it, making a deceased animal come to life again.