Getting here

Plymouth is a small city, so how you find the traffic depends on where you’re comparing it to. Getting into the city centre isn’t much fun at peak times, so it may well be quicker for you to take a longer route than satnav suggests.

The quickest route into Plymouth from the A38 is the A374. However, once you turn off the A374 it’s a single-lane road round the edge of the city centre. This can be nose-to-tail pretty much all the way on a Friday evening, and will be busy with shoppers on a Saturday morning.

If you stay on the A38 a little longer and come off onto the A386, you’ll be on a two-lane road almost all the way. It’s still a busy route, but having two lanes eases the traffic.

Charles Church, PlymouthAnother option is to stay on the A374 and go straight through the middle of town – don’t take the right turn onto Lanhydrock Road that Google maps suggests, you’ll be waiting for ages. This route can be busy, but the traffic lights keep things moving. Plus, you’ll get to see the striking Charles Church ruin, restored as a memorial to the WWII civilian deaths. Fact fans: the church is at the ground level of the pre-war city centre – after the war they just flattened the rubble and built on top of it.

If you’re coming by train, the Duke of Cornwall and the hotels on The Hoe are a mile from the station, about 20 minutes walk through the centre of the city. There’s usually loads of black cabs on the rank right outside the station, and the fare will be about £5.

The Duke of Cornwall Hotel has its own car park at the rear of the building. It’s small and likely to be full with guests’ vehicles. There are many car parks within less than 5 minutes walk – the cheapest/closest ones are indicated on the map below. There is lots of on-street parking around the city centre and The Hoe, but only for about 2 hours maximum.

Two cashpoints are also shown, indicated ‘£’. The nearest one to the Duke of Cornwall Hotel is just opposite, at Plymouth Pavilions, but it charges £1.95. The nearest free cashpoint is at Lloyds Bank, off Derry’s Cross roundabout.

There’s also a few of Mr & Mrs DCBMC’s favourite places for eating and drinking in and around the city.

Hope that helps – enjoy your visit! 🙂