Evening Entertainment

We love getting together with our friends in the world of facial hair fancying so much, we’re extending this year’s DCBMC into the evening so we can get drunk with you enjoy your company even longer!

After the beauty parade, and Mrs DCBMC counting up the judges scores on her fingers, and Mr DCBMC drawing about 731 winning raffle tickets, stay with us in the Duke of Cornwall ballroom for an evening of live music and burlesque performances – ooh!


Ohio membersCornish 4-piece Ohio comprises Andy Green (vocals,guitars), Andy Morris (drums), Ron Prior (vocals, bass), and Chris White (vocals, guitars). With musical careers spanning over five decades, they play old school, guitar driven, classic rock and Americana – a rocking finish to our evening!

Beard of Destiny

Beard of DestinyA central pillar of the Oxford Beard Festival, Beard of Destiny are Gray Barlow (guitars, vocals) and Ian Campbell (drums, percussion). Described by Mrs Oxford Beard Festival (Sooze Higgins) as “a proper mix of styles… most themes are animals, teeth or bubblegum” – we’re not sure whether to be excited or scared, but it will be great fun!


A folk/acoustic trio formed in Plymouth, Windjammer features DCBMC illustrator Jake Rowlinson (vocals, percussion), Francis Rowney (whistle, accordion, vocals), and Jeremy Bunting (guitar, vocals). They perform original compositions and traditional songs in a variety of styles from both sides of the Atlantic.

Betty Boom Boom

You might think you’ve seen it all, but not until you’ve seen this gal perform… Some of you were lucky enough to see her brilliantly original Magnum PI routine after last year’s DCBMC (yes, you read that right) – I wonder what’s in store for us this time?! In Betty’s own words, she’s putting the err?! in Burlesque!