Charity Real Ale Bar

The Charity Real Ale bar is back – huzzah! Huge thanks to the fine folk at Bays Brewery for providing it this year, and thanks to Pete at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel for arranging it with them.


4-pint vouchers will cost £10, and £1 per pint will go straight into the charity pot. Marvellous!

Bays’ beers include:

An easy drinking, light golden ale. The unique blend of hops creates lemon citrus overtones which tantalise and refresh the pallet. 4.3%

A well balanced beer, deep amber in colour with a subtle sweetness throughout. 4%

Devon Dumpling
A strong golden beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness throughout. 5.1%


Mrs DCBMC will have a pint of Devon Dumpling – thank you very much!