DCBMC presents your host for the day: Betty Boom Boom

At DCBMC 2015 Betty Boom Boom was our fearless Beard-Wrangler, coralling queues of competitors and being generally marvellous and super-organised as ‘Executive Assistant in Charge of Assisting the Host’ (© Mr DCBMC 2016).

This year Betty’s making the step up – quite literally – to take the stage as DCBMC 2016 Host. We are absolutely delighted to be able to present you with one of the UK’s most unique burlesque performers. Here’s Betty Boom Boom in her own words…

A theatre trained performer, Betty Boom Boom has been worrying burlesque audiences since 2011. With a unique perspective on anything film or TV related, and a fine array of comedy hairpieces, chest wigs and facial hair, anything could happen in the next 5 minutes! Be very afraid… and/or confused!

And if that has you intrigued, do stay for the evening entertainment – Betty will be performing burlesque routines between our live music acts, and it promises to be like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Betty will be ably assisted by DCBMC 2016 Beard-Wrangler Lauren. A passionate pognophile, Lauren can’t quite believe her luck that she gets to spend a Saturday entirely surrounded by bearded and moustached men. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

Photograph credit: Dare to be RARE Photography