We decided that once a year simply wasn’t enough, so as well as the annual Summer event we arranged a series of smaller competitions throughout the year, across Devon and Cornwall.

The Devon events were to be be in aid of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and the Cornwall events for (wait for it!) the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

If you’re a veteran of the gruelling competitive facial hair circuit (OK, it’s not so much a ‘circuit’ as a series of slightly chaotic events, and the only gruelling bits are the hangovers the next day), you might think you know all about these things. However…

Instead of the usual categories – moustache, full beard, etc – and a panel of drunken reprobates esteemed judges, we went for an all-inclusive format.

Every competitor, whether they’re rocking a biker beard to their waist or the most exquisitely curled of moustaches, is judged across three categories and voted on by, well, everyone.


Best Colour: This category is not limited to natural colours, and the definition of ‘best’ is up to each individual voter. A strong red beard, smooth silver whiskers, a neat blond goatee – whatever you like best, vote for it here.

Best Styled: Some people like an extravagantly styled moustache, while others are partial to a well-groomed beard. You might prefer neat and professional-looking facial hair, or love beards that look like an octopus, or Tower Bridge. Vote for whatever style floats your boat.

Best Presented: We’re not saying that ‘dressing up’ is compulsory, but some competitors put a lot of effort into their outfits and we want to salute that. So, who’s gone the extra mile to present himself for public judging – the pirate with the plaited beard, the chap with the handlebar moustache in a three-piece suit, or the gentleman with the forked beard dressed as Satan himself? You decide.

Plus, whoever gets the most votes across all three categories wins Best in Show, just like at Crufts! They get to be paraded around the arena by their handler, and win a year’s supply of Winalot. Or maybe a ticket to that year’s DCBMC Summer show. Yeah, probably the ticket.


Everyone at the event can vote, if they wish to – fellow competitors, friends, partners, the bar staff, and the pub regulars whose afternoon we’re disturbing.

Judging is open throughout the afternoon, with a line-up of competitors towards the end of the day to allow side-by-side comparisons. To vote, just buy a voting form (£1) and write your chosen competitors numbers against each category (you much choose a different competitor for each category).


Each event has a raffle and charity donation boxes – as the whole point of these things is to raise money for good causes (and to show off facial hair, see friends and drink beer, of course!).


So far, we’ve held:
DCBMC Lite: Truro, The Old Ale House, February 2016
DCBMC Lite: Teignmouth, The Bronx Bar & ‘Cue, April 2016
DCBMC Lite: Callestick, Nik & Colin Bathe’s house party, August 2016

Then Mr & Mrs DCBMC realised that this was all quite a lot of work, and they’d really rather just be getting together with hairy friends for beer and a laugh. So we shouted up South West Beard Club, and they’ve taken on the Lite events – huzzah!

DCBMC and SWBC worked in tandem to produce SWBC Lite: Truro at The Old Ale House again – the manager Robin was delighted to welcome us back, particularly when it was 3 deep at the bar with hairy faces! This event supported The Lions Barber Collective, and £300 was raised for this very worthy cause.

Terry and the SWBC team are planning to do a few more of these events through the year, so if you know a great place to hold one, get in touch!