We are very pleased to be fundraising for the much appreciated and totally vital services of the Devon Air Ambulance and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Devon Air AmbulanceCornwall Air Ambulance

These essential services are completely independent of Government and National Lottery funding.

It costs around £4.5 million each year to keep the Devon helicopters flying, and the Cornwall service costs around £2.5 million per year to run. If everyone in Devon and Cornwall donated just 1p per day every day, that would pay for the services for the whole of the year. Only 1p a day!

Between them the services assist around 1500 patients per year, reaching the whole of both counties within 15 minutes. Patients are taken to the most suitable medical centre for their needs (not just the closest) – so sometimes that means flying all the way to Bristol Children’s Hospital and even specialists in London.

Without the Devon and Corbwall Air Ambulances, there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t be around or would be in a life-changing situation – including a friend of the DCBMC organisers and a Daniel Lewis customer.

So buy tickets, come along, buy merchandise, try your luck on the raffle, and dig deep in your pockets for these invaluable local services.

1p a day!