Gone Drinkin’


So we’ve done 3 events in 3 years and had an absolute bundle of fun.

We’ve met loads of fab friends, handed over a ton of well-deserved trophies, and raised a whole heap of cash for our very deserving charities.

And now we’re knackered.

It’s just Mr & Mrs DCBMC organising this stuff, plus our fab minions on the day.

It’s a lot, and we need a break.

So we’ll see you at other events around the country, and will be massively supporting any South West Beard Club competitions that come up.

We’ll be back at some point, but for now we’re letting some other idiots do all the work, and we’re having a pint.


Raffle Prizes

Once again, we’ve had a fantastic response to our request for raffle prizes. Huge thanks for all these generous donations:

Family ticket to Killerton House
£20 voucher for The Old Ale House
£50 voucher for Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards
Lyme Bay Winery products
Gift pack of Bermondsey Dry & Old Tom gin from Jensen’s Gin
Art from Beardartist
Art from James Hayball
Gift pack from The Bluebeard’s Revenge
Mariner Jack gift sets
Braw Beards hip flask and lanyard bottle opener
Prize from TreeBeard
Prize from Fine Fettle
Prize from Fit for Vikings
Prizes from The Bearded Rapscallion
Prize from BILF
Bespoke, one off beard oil dispenser from Lawlessmen
Tattoo gift vouchers with Ty at Artistically Engineered Tattoo, Torquay
South West Beard Club tshirt
Patches from Beards of Steel
Sandgrown Beardsmen mug and tshirt
Scruff Stuff beard balms and oil
Beard Lab balm and oils

And if that’s not enough, there’s a tombola too! We spoil you, we really do…

The Beers! Part 1

Huge thanks to Dartmoor Brewery for donating a cask of their multi-award-winning Jail Ale and a cask of the beer Mr & Mrs DCBMC had for their wedding, Legend.

In their own words…

There are four traditional ingredients in our brewing – Dartmoor malt, English hops, our own strain of yeast, and pure Dartmoor water. Then we add great people and an awesome location, to create some real magic in our craft ales.

Dartmoor is our birthplace, our home, and the inspiration for our ales. All our beers are brewed in Princetown, at the heart of Dartmoor National Park in the South West of England, making us the highest brewery in England, at 1465ft above sea level. Breathtaking scenery, wide open spaces and crisp fresh air all around, creating a unique backdrop for the brewer’s art, and adding an undefinable depth, quality and character to every Dartmoor Brewery ale.

Visit Dartmoor for yourself if you can. Get out and experience it. Breathe the air, soak up the views, smell the essence of wild countryside, and feel the myths and legends. Find a glorious Dartmoor pub serving Dartmoor Brewery ales, and cherish the day.

Remember, every pint you drink adds to our charity pot for the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances – so get on it! It’s the best excuse you’re ever going to get…

Can’t make it? Donate!

With just 10 days ’til DCBMC, we know some of you would love to come but simply can’t (sob, sniffle…).

If you’d still like to support our very worthy causes, the Devon Air Ambulance and Cornwall Air Ambulance Trusts, you can donate here.

Thank you.

Lord Mayor of Exeter

There’s a VIP opening the show!

We’ve only gone and got the the Lord Mayor of Exeter!

Councillor Lesley Robson will be opening the on-stage proceedings at 1.30pm, and joining one of our judging panels. That’s got to be a first, right?!

She sounds like a very interesting lady. She has a degree in Maths and Physics, and worked for IBM before she had children. The family lived in Greece for 12 years, settling in Devon when they returned to the UK. Councillor Robson has worked with students with dyslexia and other related problems, and has been a City Councillor for 11 years. She has been the council’s Champion for Older People, and is a Trustee of Wonford Community Centre, RAMM museum and Age UK Exeter.

And now she can add ‘beard and moustache competition judge’ to that!

Looking for somewhere to stay?

The nearest hotel to the venue is The White Hart. Mr & Mrs DCBMC will be staying there – so there’s positives and negatives for you!

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other hotels in Exeter city centre. Our map below shows most of them, plus car parking, train stations, and places to eat and drink.

The Team

The Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships are proudly brought to you by:

Mike Wellsbury-Nye: (aka Mr DCBMC) who attended the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Brighton in 2007 and was amazed that his wife agreed he could grow a handlebar moustache. Mike competed at the British Beard & Moustache Championships in 2014 and The Wessex Beardsmen’s Beard & Moustache Competitions in 2015 and 2016, and had a blast every time. Got 3rd place in Business Class at DCBMC 2015, but only because Gareth Haywood’s rubbish at rock, paper, scissors.

Clair Wellsbury-Nye: (aka Mrs DCBMC) who attends Beard & Moustache events with Mike, smiles and nods at most of his ‘brilliant’ ideas, and is using her natural capacity for list-making to make this brilliant idea happen.

Plus the help and support of these marvellous people:

The Blind Pig – original idea and sponsorship by Louis Holland, demon barber of Plymouth

Nik & Colin Bathe – invaluable on-the-day assistance with merchandise and raffle sales

Becky Jones & Brendan Johnson – ideas, inspiration, surprises, and all-round fantastic help

Sadie & Pete Moisan – pitching in to help with random things at short notice

Jake Rowlinson – illustrations

South West Beard Club

This list is in no particular order, and is not exhaustive.


Welcome to DCBMC 2017!

Bit of a change of scenery this year – we’re moving to Exeter. We’ve loved being at The Duke of Cornwall the past two years, but they were fully booked for this Summer, and we realised that the point of being the Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships is that we can be anywhere in Devon and Cornwall…

The Corn Exchange is a much bigger venue to fill, so spread the word, bring your friends, and help us fill it with tons of hairy fellas ready for a day of fun and fundraising. Oh yes, and beer!

It’s more of a team effort this year – Mr & Mrs DCBMC have been officially joined by South West Beard Club to pull this together and make it all happen on the day. We’d like to give a particular shout-out to Terry Short, Becky Jones, Brendan Johnson, Pete Moisan, Sadie Moisan, Graham Miles, John Huteson and, of course, our official DCBMC minions from day one, Nik Bathe and Colin Bathe. Cheers chaps!

Keep an eye out here for announcements as plans develop. We’ll tell you all about our lovely sponsors, our totally upstanding and non-bribeable judges, and all the other shenanigans we have planned.

But you know it’s going to be another awesome day, so just get going and click to buy tickets now – go on!


Here’s our best approximation of how the day will pan out.

12.00pm – Doors open, competitor registration starts
2.00pm – On-stage shenanigans start
2.15pm – Moustache Natural, Full Beard Natural under 8″, Full Beard Natural over 8″
3.00pm – Business Class, Partial Beard, Freestyle
4.00pm – Moustache Styled, Full Beard Styled under 8″, Full Beard Styled over 8″
5.00pm – Adult Handmade, Child Handmade
5.20pm – DCBMC Lite voting ends, raffle drawn
5.40pm – DCBMC Lite winners announced
6.00pm – Presentations and prizes – ooh!
7.30pm – Windjammer
8.30pm – Betty Boom Boom burlesque
8.50pm – Beard of Destiny
9.50pm – Betty Boom Boom burlesque
10.10pm – Ohio
11.40pm – Bedtime!

Note: approximation