2017 Overall Event Sponsor: Rockfire

Delighted to announce that we’re now officially the Rockfire Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships!

Local programming company Rockfire are our overall event sponsor for DCBMC 2017 – and we’re incredibly grateful for their support.

We’re at a bigger venue this year, and that means bigger up-front costs. Rockfire’s involvement helps us cover those costs, and ultimately allows us to donate more money to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Based in Torquay, Rockfire are an outsourced programming studio, helping companies balance their programming workload. Whether it is a web or mobile-based application, Rockfire’s engineers have over 20 years of experience of developing Android, iOS, web and hardware applications. Working in a wide range of programming languages, all of their work is white-labelled, giving clients the ownership rights to all work that Rockfire design and develop.

So if that’s the sort of thing you need, give them a shout!

Sponsor: The Bearded Rapscallion

Introducing our Business Class sponsors, the tattoo-tastic Bearded Rapscallion! In their own words…

The Bearded Rapscallion was created by Tim and his better half Karen.

We have both been making products for ourselves for some time, and thought it was time to bring you a selection of the highest quality natural beard and tattoo care merchandise. Both of us share a passion to create premium quality products.

We make all our products ourselves, by hand, in small batches, selecting only the finest ingredients.

Sponsor: Fit for Vikings

If you were at DCBMC 2015 you’ll have met the lovely people behind Fit for Vikings. Unfortunately they cannot join us this year, but they’re still pleased to be our sponsor for Full Beard Natural over 8″. In their own words…

Fit for Vikings is a Scandinavian beard care product brand, that was established in December 2014. We deliver handmade beard care products handmade by an Icelandic Viking for Vikings. 100% natural ingredients and only the best for your beard care needs.

Our products come in eight different lines, named after places or natural phenomena in Iceland. It is from those places or natural phenomena that we get the inspiration for each of the eight fragrances.

We are proud to work in collaboration with the Lions Barber Collective, an international group of top barbers, working together to spread awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. Our Ljón range was developed specifically for them, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the amazing cause.

In 2017, Fit For Vikings opened their first barbershop in Olso, Norway.

Sponsor: TreeBeard

Like most of you, Mr DCBMC uses many different grooming products for his beard and tash. One of his favourites is by TreeBeard – so read on to find out all about them.

Hi, My name is Iain Mackenzie and I am the creator of TreeBeard Balms and Waxes.

I started out TreeBeard Balms and Waxes with the aim of making awesome beard and moustache products, by hand, right here in the U.K.

I wanted my products to be full of wonderful natural ingredients… and to have enough goodness and hold to tame even the most unruly of beards!

This is why you will only find things like organic butters, botanical oils, real bourbon whiskey, and beeswax from sustainable sources right here in England – and NEVER factory made fragrances or petroleum jelly.

I make all TreeBeard products by hand, right here in East Sussex.

Sponsor: Bluebeard’s Revenge

Those lovely people at Bluebeard’s Revenge are giving us goody bags for all competitors! You’ve got to be in to to win it, so if you haven’t got your tickets already click here and get it sorted…

Never heard of ’em? Bluebeards Revenge is a premium male grooming brand supplying everything from pure badger brushes and shaving cream to quiff rollers and beard oils. Click that link to visit their website and find out more.

Sponsor: Mariner Jack

Our Full Beard Styled sponsors will need little introduction to most of you.

Well known in the beardy world for fantastic products that work well and smell great, the Captain and Mrs Jack – aka Dave and Nat Green – are also well known in the competitive bearding world as two of the nicest people you could meet.

Unfortunately, they’re unable to join us at the event this year. Ah well, we’ll have to get down to The Old Ale House in Truro and catch up with them, then…

If you’re new to Mariner Jack, here’s a bit about them:

Mariner Jack is quickly becoming one of the leading beard care brands in the UK and Europe. In a world where it seems every product comes in a cheap plastic bottle with gold calligraphy, we are bringing the artisan back to this sector of the male grooming industry.

Mariner Jack was born from the need for a superior beard care without the petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients often found in mass produced cosmetics. All of their products are hand made in small batches using the finest natural ingredients, sourced from around the World, expertly blended and hand bottled to achieve the finest results.

Sponsor: Fine Fettle

Very pleased to announce our Freestyle sponsors this year are the fine chaps at Fine Fettle! In their own words…

Inspired by nature, we produce premium grooming products with substance using the finest naturally sourced ingredients.

Health and condition – this is at the heart of our philosophy when creating our hand-made products. We focus on what our body naturally produces and what it needs and then build our product’s functional properties upon this foundation.

We believe every man should be in the finest fettle.

Sponsor: Braw Beard Oils

Braw Beard Oils founder John started developing beard conditioning products inn 2011 while training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, part of his recovery from serious injury in a mountain bike crash.

With John’s background in sports, many of the Braw Beard Oils Ambassadors are sportspeople – from MMA fighters to motorbike racers. They also have rock star fans, like Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst!

In their own words…

Handmade in Scotland, Braw Beard Oils use the finest natural ingredients to maintain the health, length and strength of your facial hair. Take pride in it, it grows for a reason, Braw Beard Oils are for the wild man, the working man, the gentleman, whatever stage you may be at, from stubble to skiffin’ rubble.

Our aim is to provide high quality products for a fair price.

All of our beard oils are safety tested and certified, so you can be sure you are treating your facial hair to some mighty fine ingredients. We test on willing bearded humans, not animals.

We wanted to share this story because we worked hard to make Braw Beard Oils what it is, we started before the ‘beard trend’ and are in it for the love of beard.

Judge: Sadie Moisan

Ever had your fortune told by a beard? Then you haven’t met Sadie Moisan! Fear not, you can rectify that at DCBMC – she’s one of our judges! In her own words…

I met a friendly beard when I was studying at Cardiff Uni and that was it. I never could quite get away and I’m now Mrs Moisan. I’m sure you’ll all meet Pete somewhere around the bar or find yourself being hugged by him.

I love going to beardy meet ups and competitions as they are loads of fun and I’m always surprised at the styles and outfits people come up with. One of my favourite meet ups had a bearded dog enter and win. You never know quite what’s going to happen at these things.

I’ll be entering the handmade category. I’ve previously had a fortune telling beard (…’hairy excitement and intrigue follow you wherever you go’…) at Bath and DCBMC last year. Recently I helped my baby daughter make a food beard out of felt for the Yeovil Comp and I’m tempted to just feed her before the judging and let her go for a real food beard this time!

Eat The Smoke

Sponsor: Eat The Smoke

Mr & Mrs DCBMC met the man behind Eat The Smoke, Christian Sculpher, at a Beard & Tonic event in Exeter a couple of years ago. Back then he had a baby beard and the business was in its infancy – now both have grown considerably! In his own words…

Eat the Smoke produces award winning smokehouse influenced BBQ rubs and sauces – from the Deep South of Devon we’re now being sold across the UK.

For us, being outside, playing outside and eating outside have always been both an important and fundamental part of our life. Whether it’s a BBQ on the beach after surfing, travelling and ending each day with new friends stood around the grill or firing up the ‘cue at home in the garden with our girls, it’s always been there, and helped us to de-compress and reground from ‘real’ life.

In 2014 we decided it was time to give up ‘real’ life and to have a go at making our passion our living. We started doing street food events and soon found our regular customers were turning up, not just to eat our food, but also to steal our rubs and sauces to make our food at home – hence our range of smokehouse inspired products was born!

We use the finest ingredients, keeping it natural with no nasties added, to produce products with amazing depths and flavours. Some of us in the UK are now discovering the joys of cooking over coals in all weather, be it sunshine, drizzle, or force 8 gales – but we know that’s not for everyone. That’s why all our products are designed to be used in the oven, under the grill or over coals. It’s all about bringing a little of the outside in!

Eat The Smoke are sponsoring a new award at this year’s DCBMC – Best in Show. The winner will chosen by our expert panel, from all the category winners.

There’s something pretty awesome for the lucky winner, but we’re going to make you wait a little longer until we unveil it. Keep an eye on Facebook for photos soon.

And if the sound of smokehouse influenced BBQ rubs and sauces makes you want to reach for the charcoal, check out the Eat The Smoke stand at DCBMC and stock up your kitchen!