Judge: Matt Hicks

Matt HicksEarlier this year, and much to his surprise, Matt Hicks won the accolade ‘Plymouth’s Sexiest Beard’. In his own words…

I grew a beard at the end of last year, as part of Bowel Cancer UK’s Decembeard campaign. So started a hairy journey that culminated in somehow managing to win the Plymouth Herald’s ‘Sexiest Beard’ competition and getting recognised twice by an elderly lady in my local Tesco.

I am a full time nurse, but also spend much of my spare time songwriting and performing with my guitar and ukulele locally and around the country. I am honoured to be judging in the Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships – although I expect to experience a certain element of beard envy!

Judge: Terry Short

Terry ShortEnthusiastic and entertaining, Terry has many intriguing interests. In his own words…

It all started out at puberty – these hairs grew out of my face and finally my long awaited dream had come true, I knew i was on a very special journey to growing some sort of (what i thought was epic) beard.

When I was 15/16, i had a goatee. A pink goatee. But it wouldn’t grow any longer than 2 to 3 inches. Since then I’ve had many styles of facial hair, from whalers to a dirty porno ‘tache. I currently wear a full beard, which has been growing for just over 7 months.

I attended the Wessex Beardsmen’s competition in Yeovil, only as a spectator mind, to see what all the fuss was about. I currently use Fit For Vikings ‘Hallormsstađaskógur’ oil, balm and moustache wax, and am now trying out their beard soap.

Music wise i was brought up on punk and ska, but I listen to a mixture of styles from dubstep to grindcore. And on the box it’s cartoons and kids cartoons. I’m hooked – the amount of adult humour and innuendo in them that you don’t realise as a kid, really gets me.

For those who don’t know, taxidermy is ‘the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect’. I have been practicing it as a hobby for about 4 years or so now, it’s one of my biggest loves. I was always amazed outstanded by the craftmanship behind it, making a deceased animal come to life again.

Judge: David Hildrew

David HildrewDavid is Managing Director of The Bluebeard’s Revenge, our co-headline sponsor and Partial Beard – Styled category sponsor. In his own words…

David Hildrew is the Managing Director for The Bluebeards Revenge, a leading British male grooming brand.

The company sells a wide range of shaving and hair care products, and has recently launched a new line of barbershop quality beard care and styling products, including two beard oils (Cuban and classic
blends) and a moustache wax.

To find out more about the man behind the skull and crossbones, check out this Grooming Guru interview.

Judge: Paul Ford

Paul FordPaul volunteers for the Cornwall Air Ambulance, one of our chosen charities. In his own words…

I used to run a successful retail security business in Wiltshire, and was a Trustee with Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

I moved with my wife to Cornwall in 2013, and now volunteer for the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the RSPCA.

I enjoy travel, theatre, fine dining, dog walking and am a member of CAMRA.

Judge: Kris Paver

Kris PaverKris is a popular member of the bearding community, and proud ambassador for Fit for Vikings. In his own words…

Aged 48, Devonian born and bred. Proudly bearded for the last 23 years. Apart from a year or two with a big goatee, the beard has been kept trimmed for work. Been letting it grow for the last year or so – an amazing journey, meeting lots of new friends in the world of beard.

Hobbies include playing the piano and travel.

Proud to be the Principal and Lead Ambassador for Fit for Vikings beard products, and honoured to be a judge at the first Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Competition.

Judge: Gary Brown

Gary BrownGary entrusts the demon barber Louis Holland with care of his year-old full beard, and a rather good job he does of it! In his own words…

I’ve always had facial hair of some sort, mainly goatee for many years, to chin strap and close cropped stubble.

It was in about May 2014 that the decision was made to grow out the full beard, just to see what it looked like. This was much to my wife’s (Caron) dismay, as by now it was white and I was told I looked like an old man (and occasionally Santa or Gandalf). None the less I persevered.

As the beard grew and Caron realised that it wasn’t going anywhere, I was asked to grow my hair to go. I’d shaved my head every week for 20 plus years up to this point, and neither of my kids had seen me with hair!

So now I was sprouting hair from both ends of my head, which seemed really strange but was certainly different. That’s when I found Louis Holland, while I was looking for a good barber to look after my new found locks, and the rest – as they say – is history.

I can’t imagine being without the beard now, and the longer it gets the happier I am with it. I think Caron is now getting used to it too, along with the attention it gets…

Judge: Tony Cannon

Tony Cannon, Devon Air Ambulance TrustTony volunteers for the Devon Air Ambulance, one of our chosen charities. In his own words…

Since retiring from the hospitality industry over 3 years ago, I have been volunteering for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. In this role, I attend events such as agricultural shows, give talks to local organisations including schools and also look after some of the red collection boxes in the Ivybridge area.

I am originally from London but have lived in the South West for over 25 years. My mother’s family originate from Plymouth and she was brought up in Meavy, so I like to think I qualify as a ‘half-local’!

I thoroughly enjoy meeting a variety of people in the community and telling them about the vital service that the Devon Air Ambulance provides. Whilst we all hope we won’t have to use the service, it is very reassuring to know that it is available.

Judge: Spencer Fells

Spencer FellsThe founder and all-round top chap of The Bearded Brethren From Devon Facebook group. In his own words…

Age: 40

Beardy Bits: Had some sort of fuzz on my chin since it first sprouted many moons ago! Had a goatee for most of that time but got persuaded to ‘go for it’ and grow it properly by my wife. Probably coming on for 2 years into it now.

The Next Step: I started up the Facebook group ‘The Bearded Brethren From Devon’ just as a bit of fun really. But soon realised that there were many likeminded beards about. The group has grown to a healthy 650+ members.
Earlier this year i attended my first beard comp, hosted by the Wessex Beardsmen. It was a great day and an eye opener. I also got to meet many group members face to face, making many new friends on the way.

Non Beardy Bits: My likes include watching movies, reading (mostly comics, i refuse to grow up) and Metal music (listening and playing).

Anyway thanks for reading, come say ‘hello’ and see you at the DCBMC!