More categories – for everyone!

There’s nine categories at DCBMC 2016 – but we said this year would be bigger and better… so how we about add three more categories to the day, and they’re all for everyone!

You may have heard about, or even attended, one of our DCBMC Lite events. They have a different format to the big summer show – there’s only three categories and everyone is entered into all of them. We like the idea that big beards and neat moustaches compete against each other, so we’re adding the DCBMC Lite categories to DCBMC 2016 too.

And the judges are a bit different for DCBMC Lite, too – everyone gets to vote for their favourites!

All competitors (including ‘handmade’) are automatically eligible for these additional categories:

Best Colour
This category is not limited to natural colours, and the definition of ‘best’ is up to you. A strong red beard, smooth silver whiskers, a neat blond goatee – whatever you like best, vote for it here.

Best Styled
Some people like an extravagantly styled moustache, while others are partial to a well-groomed beard. You might prefer neat and professional-looking facial hair, or love beards that look like an octopus, or Tower Bridge. Go for whatever style floats your boat.

Best Presented
We’re not saying that ‘dressing up’ is compulsory, but some competitors put a lot of effort into their outfits and we want to salute that. So, who’s gone the extra mile to present himself for public judging – the pirate with the plaited beard, the chap with the handlebar moustache in a three-piece suit, or the gentleman with the forked beard dressed as Satan himself? You decide.

Plus, whoever gets the most votes across all three categories will win Best in Show, just like at Crufts!

Anyone attending the event can vote – fellow competitors, partners, friends, bar staff, newspaper reporters…

To vote for your favourites in the DCBMC Lite categories, just write their competitor numbers on a voting form and post it in the box at the DCBMC merchandise stand, with a £1 charity donation.

All the competitors will be wearing their unique numbers all day, and you can vote at any time until the on-stage categories have finished.

If you’ve got any questions on the day, ask Mrs & Mrs DCBMC or find a DCBMC minion with a red lanyard.