Sponsor: Lawlessmen

Our Partial Beard sponsor is one of the newer companies on the male grooming block, based on the Devon/Cornwall border. In their own words…

Lawlessmen is a testosterone infused man brand, founded in 2016, owned and run by actor Kevin James Horsham.

Lawlessmen are a new company and have opened with a range of male grooming products including their Lime and Cedarwood Beard Oil and Moustache Wax.

Male grooming products are just the start of this new man brand, as the grooming product range grows, later in 2017 Lawlessmen will be adding to the apparel line they already have, and in addition to the tshirts, hoodies and baseball caps for the casual look, they are going to be launching a Cool/Formal range. Double cuff shirts, waistcoats, matching jacket/waistcoat combos, trousers, and those finishing touches, ties, cufflinks and belts and braces.

In addition to all of this, Lawlessmen also create bespoke barber shop furniture and curios. Dependent on the look the cutters are seeking, they can assist with design, construction and decoration advice, just give them a call.
07581 369689

From Urban/Industrial to Plush/Chic they have the solutions.