Judge: Sadie Moisan

Ever had your fortune told by a beard? Then you haven’t met Sadie Moisan! Fear not, you can rectify that at DCBMC – she’s one of our judges! In her own words…

I met a friendly beard when I was studying at Cardiff Uni and that was it. I never could quite get away and I’m now Mrs Moisan. I’m sure you’ll all meet Pete somewhere around the bar or find yourself being hugged by him.

I love going to beardy meet ups and competitions as they are loads of fun and I’m always surprised at the styles and outfits people come up with. One of my favourite meet ups had a bearded dog enter and win. You never know quite what’s going to happen at these things.

I’ll be entering the handmade category. I’ve previously had a fortune telling beard (…’hairy excitement and intrigue follow you wherever you go’…) at Bath and DCBMC last year. Recently I helped my baby daughter make a food beard out of felt for the Yeovil Comp and I’m tempted to just feed her before the judging and let her go for a real food beard this time!