Judges: Ian & Elaine Shere-Massey

This year we have new representatives for the Devon Air Ambulance, Ian & Elaine Shere-Massey. Here’s a little about them, written by Ian…

Having had to retire from employment many years ago through ill health, I wanted to do something positive with my life that would greatly benefit the lives of others. Every charity that I looked at were certainly all in need of help and support, but for me one stood out clearly from all others and that was, the Devon Air Ambulance! To be able to get the most seriously injured and sick people flown by air whilst receiving onboard treatment to the appropriate hospital seemed to be exactly what I wanted to volunteer to help raise money for.

Both me and my wife Elaine joined the trust as volunteers about eight years ago, myself as a volunteer speaker, and Elaine in a support role helping along the way, also as a volunteer. We have attended many events, and represented the trust by attending cheque presentations, and helping with many of the trusts events held to raise funds.