Judge: Yvan Williams

The man behind the original Devon beardy socials, Beard & Tonic, Yvan’s hosting our Friday night pre-party at his pub The Oddfellows in Exeter. Beer and beards – what more could you want?! In his own words…

Owner of The Oddfellows in Exeter and Exmouth.

A slight novice to the beard competition scene but has supported the beards of Exeter for the last 4+ years, (Beard & Tonic) and is privileged to be on board this year.

Creator of Beard & Tonic in Exeter, due to lack of Beard Technicians at that time. With the development of the barber scene in Exeter, which has grown massively in the last couple of years, he’s moved his Beard & Tonic pop up barber evenings to The Oddfellows – Exmouth to bring a little bit of hairiness to the coast!

Yvan can’t shave his beard of until his youngest daughter is at least 8 as she wouldn’t recognise him without a beard and would probably cry.