Judge: PJ, Cut The Punx

Local pop-up barber and all-round lovely human PJ is the third barber in our lineup for last-minute tidy-ups, and will also be judging. In his own words…

Cut The Punx (aka PJ Shepherd) is a pop-up barber, based in Exeter, but available for hire anywhere you like. Trained at the top class Gents of London Barber Academy, PJ has appeared at festivals, gigs, cinemas, fundraisers, fairs, coffee shops, tattoo conventions and galleries across the UK and mainland Europe.

When PJ is not taking selfies with dogs or practising his bass scales, you’ll find him taming the manes and beards of anyone willing to sit down and listen to him talk about why “As The Eternal Cowboy” is the greatest album ever made or how easy it is to make vegan nuggets. He is a lover of all the people and wants to hear your story.

PJ is looking forward to manning the barber station at the DCBMC, and despite the fact that his partner won’t allow him to have a full beard, he has somehow made it onto the judging panel too!

Facebook & Instagram: @cutthepunx

Photo credit: Tempo Media