Kay Wallage

Judge: Kay Wallage

A star of the beardy scene, Kay is warm, funny, and NSFW. If you’re looking for her, hold a pint of cider in the air and she’ll find you! In her own words:

Hello fellow pogonophiles! Most of you will already know me, but in case not I`m Kay Wallage a.k.a. Mrs Chops.

I’ve had the pleasure to be around some of the best beards in the world. I’ve been to two world championship events and will shortly be heading of to my third world championship competition in Austin, Texas.

I know a good beard when I see one and I certainly know the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining an award winning beard… as I can never get near the bloody mirror.

I’ve competed a couple of times in the Whiskerina category, it’s not really for me because I`m the shy retiring sort, as many of you will no doubt have noticed…

It’s an honour to be asked to judge, and I wish each and every one of you good luck.