Dr Alun Withey

Judge: Dr Alun Withey

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Mrs DCBMC has been trying to get Dr Alun to DCBMC for the past two years, but it always clashes with his family holidays – until now!

An award-winning academic historian, with research subjects including shaving and masculinity in the 18th century; he’s also a TV and radio presenter of programmes such as ‘The Barbershop in the Eighteenth Century’ and ‘Beards, Whiskers and the History of Pogonotomy’. In his own words…

Dr Alun Withey is a historian of health, medicine and the body in Britain, currently working on a major research project at the University of Exeter, titled ‘Do Beards Matter? Facial Hair, Health and Medicine in Britain, c. 1650-1900’. His previous work has included studies of the body and politeness in the eighteenth century, and a prize-winning book on the history of medicine in Wales.

Dr Withey is a regular contributor to television and radio, and has appeared (for 30 seconds) on BBC’s The One Show, and recently annoyed John Humphries on Radio 4’s Today programme.

As a beardless, clean-shaven man, he is the worst possible poster boy for his own project.

He annoyed John Humphries?! I like him even more now! -Mrs DCBMC