Judge: Pete Moisan

Pete MoisanPete’s the tall redhead who catches everyone’s eye at beard and moustache competitions. He’s a professional hugger, and can often be found hiding behind his signature red-framed sunglasses (particularly if it’s ‘the morning after the night before’). In his own words…

Pete has been growing face fur on and off his entire adult life, and first got into the world of competitive bearding at the World Beard Championship in Brighton in 2007, after years of office teasing that he should enter. He achieved a creditable equal 4th (aka equal last, as no positions below 3rd are announced) in Natural Beard with Styled Moustache.

After shaving it all off for charity and spending a few years in the wilderness of having no proper beard, Pete came back for the British Championships in Bath in 2014, and again came equal 4th. He then won the Exeter competition and two titles at DCBMC 2015.

An Ambassador for DCBMC 2016 prize sponsor Mariner Jack, Pete will unfortunately be unable to attend this year’s British Beard & Moustache Championships due to a clash of dates. His first born is expected the same day – it was a tough call on which to attend…

On beard and moustache competitions, Pete says “they’re just like the Miss World beauty contests, only without the bitchiness, and more of the helpful styling hints. And beer.”

Supported by his long suffering wife and main stylist, Sadie (“he didn’t have a beard when we first got together, I’m sure”, she says, although she is now trying to change that story…), this is Pete’s first venture into judging. He isn’t sure what makes for the best beard yet, but when he sees/feels/tastes it, he’ll know.

Pete’s the only one of our judges to get away with a photogallery, because… well, how could we NOT publish these!13664713_10157387857990019_753468565_n