Judge: Nik Bathe

Nik BatheNik is an invaluable DCBMC Offical Minion, and 2015 Ladies Handmade Champion. She’s also one of Mr & Mrs DCBMC’s bestest friends. In her own words…

As well as being DCBMC 2015 Handmade Champion, Nik is the proud owner of a DCBMC Lite: Truro certificate for ‘shameless self-promotion’ (when drunk). She is delighted to make her debut as a judge for this year’s DCBMC. A relative newcomer to the world of beard competitions, last year Nik manned the DCBMC merch stand, sold raffle tickets and assisted with the raffle draw, and has been roped into doing the same this year. Plus the judging. [You were SO not roped in, you bloody volunteered! Ed.]

Nik lives in Cornwall, where people pay her to do their social media, build their websites and keep them organised. When not working she drinks real ale, takes photographs, runs, walks and plays the ukulele (but never ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’).

She says “I’m really looking forward to the beards (and moustaches), the beer and the bands. It’s going to be an amazing day!”