Judge: Gina Dyer

Gina DyerIf you’re at a beard and moustache competition and you hear giggling, it’s probably Gina. With her love of vintage style frocks she’s usually the best-dressed woman in the room – so one way or another she’ll definitely catch your attention! In her own words…

I’m proud to say I was born within the sound of the Bow Bells. My family keeps growing – I have 3 grandchildren and the 4th on the way in September. My son Jason and his family are coming to DCBMC too, so we are helping to bring family together though the wonderful beard and moustache community .

I’ve had a lifetime weakness for the furry folk, particularly that face fungus that is a moustache! Since meeting Jim, I have become involved with The Handlebar Club. I’ve travelled to many competitions to cheer him along, met some fantastic friends and am learning what a wonderful community the beard and moustache world is.

It’s a pleasure and honour to be judging at DCBMC.