Judge: Chaz Singh

Chaz SinghLocal Labour councillor Chaz is a Plymouth legend – always out and about meeting people, helping people, representing many good causes and being an all-round top bloke. He’s also fond of a selfie or two – see Beards of Plymouth for his fantastic photogallery of bearded locals. In his own words…

Quite simply, Chaz is #thatmanwiththeturban. A familiar sight in Plymouth and an honorary Janner (according to Reuters), after emigrating from Birmingham in 2002.

As a Sikh he has never cut his hair, and that makes him pretty special. His beard is uncut, his turban is his crown, and that is his identity.

Chaz put the ‘T’ in Urban Outfitters, and #TurbanOutfitters pretty much went viral – so now he’s a global superstar too!

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