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The story behind Apothecary 87

I have spent the last decade of my life working at the top of my industry as a bartender/event organiser. I had a CV far beyond my years. However, when I started my own bar company, I found that nobody took me seriously as I looked so young and it was at this point I decided to grow a beard. I soon found that not only did people take me more seriously, but I stuck in people’s minds and this was excellent marketing and branding for me, so I decided to keep it.

After a while I noticed my beard needed looking after and conditioning, so I spent many moons researching the best ingredients to make a beard oil that was my own. Having tried many brands out there, I found a lot of them to be girly smelling, and being a man, I decided my beard oil should smell like that of a man’s beard oil.

It didn’t take long for my friends to start requesting me to make them some, and on top of this I had seemed to grow a bearded following on several social networks, all asking what products I used and how I maintained my beard. Since everyone seemed to be asking to get hold of my Original Recipe Beard Oil, I thought I would look into making it on a production level.

As I was putting this new venture into motion (and still thinking of a name), my granddad passed away from prostate cancer. It was at the end of September ’13, and I decided to honour this great man’s memory, I would use something of his in the name. He was 87 when he died and as I was born in ’87, I decided it to be a sign that it should be a part of the name. Mixed with my love of all things vintage and the theme of mixing my beard tonic, I named it Apothecary87. I also wanted to do something to help fight the horrible sickness my granddad had so valiantly fought, so I thought a brilliant way would be to create a moustache wax in time for Movember, and then look into other methods of helping men’s health thereafter.

I now had 2 products ready to go, and wanted to start advertising. So with a close friend of mine being a fantastic barber at The Gentleman’s Retreat, I asked if he would help me advertise at conventions and by throwing some amazing parties to raise awareness for men’s health. It was he who said that if I was going to create these products, I should make him shave oils and creams for him to use. This is when I made my shave oil and started researching how to create my own shave cream (soon to be released).

And that brings you to the current day in my story. I believe it is important for every MAN to have the opportunity and access to be the best well groomed MAN that they want to be. So we at A87, asked ourselves: “What is a well groomed MAN? A well groomed MAN is not merely a MAN who uses great products on his hair and body, but a MAN who can present himself in his own desired way, through all aspects of his lifestyle.”

I am creating new products all the time with that in mind. Our hair pomade is the first in a new range of hair products that we are developing and we now have a fantastic designer creating unique items for for our Man Club lifestyle section. If you are reading this and buying our products, you are enabling me to continue this story, and I thank you for that. You will all have a place in the Apothecary 87 The Man Club.

Sam Martin - Apothecary87

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1st place: The Gift Box – barber comb, original recipe beard oil, vanilla and mango beard oil, firm hold moustache wax, and The Man Club baseball bat

2nd place: The Gift Box – barber comb, original recipe beard oil, vanilla and mango beard oil, firm hold moustache wax

3rd place: The Gift Box – barber comb, original recipe beard oil, vanilla and mango beard oil, firm hold moustache wax