Judge: Spencer Fells

Spencer FellsThe founder and all-round top chap of The Bearded Brethren From Devon Facebook group. In his own words…

Age: 40

Beardy Bits: Had some sort of fuzz on my chin since it first sprouted many moons ago! Had a goatee for most of that time but got persuaded to ‘go for it’ and grow it properly by my wife. Probably coming on for 2 years into it now.

The Next Step: I started up the Facebook group ‘The Bearded Brethren From Devon’ just as a bit of fun really. But soon realised that there were many likeminded beards about. The group has grown to a healthy 650+ members.
Earlier this year i attended my first beard comp, hosted by the Wessex Beardsmen. It was a great day and an eye opener. I also got to meet many group members face to face, making many new friends on the way.

Non Beardy Bits: My likes include watching movies, reading (mostly comics, i refuse to grow up) and Metal music (listening and playing).

Anyway thanks for reading, come say ‘hello’ and see you at the DCBMC!