Judge: Gary Brown

Gary BrownGary entrusts the demon barber Louis Holland with care of his year-old full beard, and a rather good job he does of it! In his own words…

I’ve always had facial hair of some sort, mainly goatee for many years, to chin strap and close cropped stubble.

It was in about May 2014 that the decision was made to grow out the full beard, just to see what it looked like. This was much to my wife’s (Caron) dismay, as by now it was white and I was told I looked like an old man (and occasionally Santa or Gandalf). None the less I persevered.

As the beard grew and Caron realised that it wasn’t going anywhere, I was asked to grow my hair to go. I’d shaved my head every week for 20 plus years up to this point, and neither of my kids had seen me with hair!

So now I was sprouting hair from both ends of my head, which seemed really strange but was certainly different. That’s when I found Louis Holland, while I was looking for a good barber to look after my new found locks, and the rest – as they say – is history.

I can’t imagine being without the beard now, and the longer it gets the happier I am with it. I think Caron is now getting used to it too, along with the attention it gets…