What’s this all about?

So, you may be asking – ‘a beard and moustache competition?* How does that work, then?’

Read on, and we’ll tell you all about it.


Every event is different

Sometimes we’re in a fancy hotel ballroom, sometimes we’re in a pub. Sometimes there’s glamourous hosts, sometimes it’s Mr DCBMC. Sometimes there’s panels of actual judges, sometimes we just ask the people in the pub to vote for their favourites.

But there’s usually always plenty of beer getting drunk and the Handlebar Club being silly.


It’s not just ‘biggest beard wins’

There’s loads of different categories, including moustaches, partial beards, full beards, crazy freestyle creations and the neatly groomed business class. And with first, second and third placings in each category, there’s plenty of chances for glory!


It’s definitely more about the taking part

This isn’t the kind of thing you enter only because you’re trying/hoping/expecting to win. Beard and moustache competitions are relaxed events where beer and conversation flows, new friendships are made, and chosen charities benefit from fundraising efforts.

This is how competitive we get – after first, second, and third places are announced, everyone else in the category is placed fourth equal.


Dressing up is encouraged, but not compulsory

Some competitors dress as a particular persona – eg circus strongman, John Bull, flying ace, Jedi – some just wear jeans and a tshirt. In events with a Business Class category, competitors often wear suits – but it’s not a requirement. It’s totally up to you.


It’s not an interview, or an interrogation

In bigger competitions, this is how it works:

1) You’ll walk up to the front and be asked to say a little about yourself. That can be as simple as ‘my name’s Dan and I’m from Plymouth’. Please change that as required if your name isn’t Dan and you’re not from Plymouth.

2) You’ll go over to the judges, who will look at your facial hair and some might touch it. They may also ask you things like how long you’ve been growing it or what products you’ve used.

3) You stand with the other competitors until your category is complete. Then that’s it! Now you can go back to your seat/the bar.

In smaller competitions where it’s all about public voting, you just turn up, wear your competitor number, drink beer, and smile nicely at people who might vote for you.


The non-bearded are welcome to compete

There’s a handmade category for adults, and one for children too. Any type of moustache or beard, made from anything you like. Just so long as you made it yourself – or with a grown-up’s help!


You don’t have to compete at all

Spectators are essential for cheering and clapping the competitors – the more the merrier! These events are child-friendly too, so make a day of it and bring the whole family along.


It’s more than just a competition

As well as admiring and judging people’s facial hair, beard and moustache competitions are all about charity fundraising. DCBMC supports the Devon Air Ambulance and the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Fundraising activities include:

  • A raffle
  • Charity ale bar
  • DCBMC merchandise stand
  • Charity stand – both charities will be represented, you can find out more about them and donate straight into the collection buckets

And some of our sponsors will have trade stands, so you can try and buy some new grooming products.


It doesn’t end when the competition ends

And it doesn’t start when the competition starts! If people are travelling some way to the event, then we arrange a get-together the night before for those who are already in town. And after the competition the fun keeps going with food, music and even more beer – unless you’ve had enough of this nonsense and want to get home, understandably!

Things often continue online after the event, with people sharing photos and chatting on Facebook and the like. But it’s not compulsory if that’s not your kind of thing.


Sounds good?
OK, here’s your next steps:
– Come to our next event (see the menu for details)
– Join South West Beard Club on Facebook to talk all things beardy
– Contact us to find out about holding an event at your bar/venue


*They’re generally known as beard and moustache competitions, but we had to call ours a Championships coz Mrs DCBMC is from Sutton Coldfield 😉